Chilli and Ginger Jam


Inspired by Thai cuisine, this is a fresh tasting jam and is made with root ginger. Mild

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Warming, gently sweet and with a hint of the Far East.

With this chilli and ginger jam we have created a spread that beautifully balances the warm glow of ginger with the sweet heat of Thai cuisine.  To compliment the gently aromatic warmth of the fresh ginger in this jam we have added some mild red chillies.  The addition of a small amount of balsamic vinegar ensures this chilli jam perfectly balances sweetness with heat, and yet retains a very fresh overall taste.

If you long to recreate the memory of lingering, slightly sweet heat of the the best Thai meal you ever had then you’re going to love our chilli and ginger jam.  If you fondly remember having one (or two too many) glasses of ginger wine sat next to a log fire at Christmas then this jam is going to jog some very pleasant memories.

Because this chilli and jam perfectly balances sweetness and a deeply satisfying (but gentle) chilli heat it works as well on sweet dishes as it does on savoury dishes.  We love slathering it onto cheese on toast, dolloping it into freshly made custard, and if we want a quick and dirty snack we’ll dollop it into a crisp sandwich!



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