Chilli sauce recipes

Chilli sauce recipes imageRecipes for chilli sauce can be a bit of a tricky thing to get right.  We’re often asked by the very cool people who buy our chilli sauces which recipes they will suit.  We like this question a lot; chilli sauces have spent too many years being viewed as something we slosh onto food that has already been prepared, rather than as an ingredient in recipes in its own right.

Chilli sauce recipes by popular demand!

So in answer to popular demand, here are some our favourite recipes for the hot sauces we make. In each section you’ll find gorgeous ideas for every palate; from mile and smooth, through to medium zing and right the way up to annihilating hot.

We want your chilli sauce recipe ideas!

We’d love to hear from some more hot sauce fans, so if you’re a bit of of a kitchen wizard then please get in touch and let us know your chilli sauce recipes.  If we like you’re recipe we’ll add it to to the website.

Hot Sauce Recipes - Starters


Chilli sauces aren’t just for main courses, with a bit of careful thought and a mildly-adventurous soul hot sauce can be used to create some truly gorgeous starter dishes.  Have a read of the recipes below and get in touch if you have a recipe of your own that you would like us to add to […]
Recipes for Hot Sauce - Main Courses

Main Courses

The main course may well be the royalty of meals, and when hot sauce is involved this humble meal can ascent from mere royalty to god-like status.  We’ve collected here, for your mouthwatering pleasure, some of our favourite recipes.  Each recipe tends to use the chilli as an ingredient rather than a garnish, which is what […]
Recipes for hot sauce - desserts


If you’re hosting a dinner party and bring out a collection of hot sauces for the pudding course your friends may look a little surprised, maybe even alarmed.  We’re here to show you how you can use hot sauces to make some truly delicious chilli sauce influenced desserts.