Chilli Sauces from the East Coast

Why we make Chilli sauces

Introducing the East Cost Chilli Company

East Coast Chilli Company is a small, family run business consisting of owners Tim and Leanne and our daughter Willow who likes to think she helps!

We met through our previous work in insurance and after Tim took redundancy and after spending some time mulling over what to do next, he decided to make chilli sauces for a living.

The first two sauces Tim ever made were pretty basic efforts and were more to see if he could actually make a chilli sauce. The third one Tim tried is actually still in production today and the rest were born through a mixture of trial, error, creativity and sheer luck.

The chilli sauces we offer range from mild to extra hot (steering clear of extracts). We did have 7 sauces in our range until 2016 when we brought out our Carolina Reaper sauce that we named Midnight 21 after the time our daughter was born that same year.

All 8 of our sauces are made and bottled at home in our kitchen by Tim. Leanne then date stamps and labels the bottles ready to sell at shows, online or through retail outlets.

And that’s about it on how we started up and how we continue to this day!

Please check our events page to find out where and when we will be at shows throughout the year.

Remember the golden rule – don’t go for the hottest sauce first; you’ll not be able to taste the others!