Extra Hot Habanero and Naga Sauce – Reason (Extra hot)

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Hot to trot: our hottest hot sauce. It’s real hot. MADE OF FIRE.

Some like it hot, and Lord knows we do, but heat should never ever replace taste. This hot sauce is a strategic full-on assault to your taste buds. Use with caution where-ever hot sauce is required.

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Hot to trot: our hottest hot sauce. It’s real hot. MADE OF FIRE.

Did we mention that this sauce is hot?

Yes, it’s hot but what sets this sauce apart is that it’s also jam packed full of flavour. We use three types of chilli, well considered and carefully blended to deliver a well-rounded dynamite heat on all levels and a great big wallop of flavour too.

First up, we use the naga (or ghost) chilli, one of the world’s hottest, for a body blow of heat from the get-go. Medium-hot cascabel chillies give this sauce a different level of heat: a slow burn with an almost chocolaty richness. Last but not least is the mighty habanero chilli which, combined with mustard, lends a more peppery burn.

Finally, we use aromatic herbs and spices to seal the deal. No chemicals, no extracts, no ingredients whose names you can’t pronounce. This is pure fire and the real deal.

Some like it hot, and Lord knows we do, but heat should never ever replace taste. This chilli sauce is a strategic full-on assault to your taste buds. Use with caution wherever hot sauce is required.

Our Extra Hot Habanero and Naga Sauce is perfect for those looking to spice up their food with some intense heat. The Extra Hot Habanero offers a sweet taste with just enough kick and the Naga in this sauce helps push the flavour past the finish line with intense heat!

More info on the chillis in our Reason sauce

The Naga Chilli is a hybrid chilli pepper that was bred to grow in India, and has a very unique flavour. If you want to make your mouth feel like it’s full of joyous fire, these peppers will do the trick!

For hundreds of years, habaneros have been used in traditional dishes around the world. They are a staple ingredient in many Mexican recipes and can be found on pizzas all over America’s southwest region.

It’s no secret that naga peppers are some of the hottest in the world. Combine them with habaneros, and you have a recipe for extreme heat. If you’re looking to add more firepower to your meal without sacrificing flavour, then our ‘Reason’ hot sauce is a great place to start!

Additional information

Weight 0.401 kg

Distilled white vinegar, Onions, Habanero chillies (11%), Water, Naga chillies (5%), Garlic, Cascabel chillies, Herbs and spices, MUSTARD powder, Salt, Ground white pepper.

25 reviews for Extra Hot Habanero and Naga Sauce – Reason (Extra hot)

  1. Tim

    Far too often you get an “extra hot” sauce that is nothing more than brown gloop full of extracts this sauce however is the real deal not for the faint hearted but not full of the junk that makes so many sauces unpalatable the flavours are fresh and the heat builds up nicely a couple of teaspoons added to a pan of chilli made for a really tasty dinner and a splash on a bacon sandwich is AMAZING!

  2. Rachel

    This sauce commands your respect!! This is the ONLY very hot sauce I have had which also has a wonderful flavour that forces you to come back for more.

  3. John Rowbotham

    I can’t compliment this sauce enough. Yes it is hot but has a great flavour too. I use it in Pasta dishes on its own. Too many hot sauces just burn and this is the only one I have found that has the heat/flavour balance just right.

  4. Martyn Jones

    This sauce is just incredible. IT burns your mouth no question about it. But it’s also got a really nice garlicy taste. Absolutely recommended to anyone who likes hot sauce with flavour

  5. Jo Jhanji

    Came across these guys at a food festival earlier in the year. My husband is always on the look out for a great extra HOT sauce, impressed with this one and bought 3 bottles…needed to restock so ordered 3 bottles on Wednesday evening, they arrive Saturday morning and with great long shelf life. Very happy with the sauce and and service…highly recommended…thank you

  6. jai.raithatha16 (verified owner)

    Best hot chilli sauce on the market by a very long way. Great depth of flavour that’s about more than just the heat of the chillis. Also not ruined by being overwhelmed with a vinegar taste like many of the others. Can’t recommend this highly enough and regularly give bottles to friends as gifts.

    • Tim Chapman (verified owner)

      Thanks, Jai – that’s great to hear!

  7. Jamie Gillings

    Bought one of these sauces off the eccc stand in the town centre the other day and its absolutely lush, had a good ol chat with the guy who runs the stand about all the chillies I grow! I highly recommended trying these sauces and supporting a local business!

    • Tim Chapman (verified owner)

      Cheers, Jamie – and thanks for stopping by for a chat!

  8. Nicola Sparling (verified owner)

    This sauce is beyond delicious. It’s one of the best I have ever tried. The kick is definitely there but it’s packed with flavour too.

    • Tim Chapman (verified owner)

      Thanks, Nicki! It’s my favourite too!

  9. Chris JR (verified owner)

    Sure, this sauce is hot – very hot – but this is just how I like it. I love this brand and have tried quite a few now after having come across them via their street stall. Great flavours with a really fresh taste. I am definitely a fan!

    • Tim Chapman (verified owner)

      Cheers, Chris!!

  10. James H (verified owner)

    This sauce is packed with a great flavour balanced very well with some punchy heat. So far, I’ve tried it on a variety of different things, and it went really well with all of them – except my eye, when I made a chilli faux pas and touched it by accident.
    Would certainly recommend to have this amongst your chilli sauce collection.

    • Tim Chapman (verified owner)

      Thanks James! My fave with this one is beans on toast.

  11. Tim Chapman (verified owner)

    Wow! Thanks, Sarah!

  12. Steve Nicholls (verified owner)

    Incredible flavours with a hot bite to it. Best hot sauce around by far!
    Tried it at west mersea food fair, brought loads!!
    My kids love it too, on grilled chicken straight off the BBQ. Highly recommend. 5 stars.

    • Tim Chapman (verified owner)

      Thanks, Steve! Made our day!

  13. Simon Clarke (verified owner)

    This is the only chilli sauce that not only delivers in terms of heat but also actually tastes great. I have used it for a few years now and have yet to find another sauce which can even remotely compare.

    • Tim Chapman (verified owner)

      Thanks, Simon! Made our day!

  14. Gary Shaw (verified owner)

    Been searching for a sauce that packs a punch AND tastes great for a very long time now, but that search is over! Absolutely love it!
    Tried it at a friend’s house and immediately ordered myself a couple of bottles. I’ll definitely be back for more! Highly recommended ????????

    • Tim Chapman (verified owner)

      Thanks, Gary! From the outset we wanted our sauces to be tasty, first and foremost. Glad you think we got it right!

  15. Colin Hardy (verified owner)

    The sauce has a nice complexity of flavour, it is not the hottest around, but then that allows the flavours to show through. It is slightly acidic, which should appeal to many buyers. This is also a pouring sauce, so you have to move fast if you don’t want it to escape your cheese sandwich.

    • Tim Chapman (verified owner)

      Thanks, Colin! This is my “go to” sauce to pep something up – love it on beans on toast!

  16. J

    I am a huge hot sauce lover, I’ve tried so many different hot sauces over the years – but absolutely nothing compares to this one. It’s got a good kick but the most of notable thing about it is the taste. Without a doubt this is the nicest hot sauce I’ve ever had. I am hooked! The other sauces from ECCC are also wonderful but this one is out of this world. This really is the best hot sauce company, with such a wonderful, diverse range of sauces. I recommend them to everyone!

    • Tim Chapman (verified owner)

      Wow! Thanks, Jessica! That’s really nice of you – made my Monday morning!! Keep spreading the word!

  17. Guy (verified owner)

    Very hot, but so delicious. Keeps you coming back for more, even as the heat builds! Another delicious sauce from ECCC! Stock up!

  18. Adam perrin (verified owner)

    Yet another amazing sauce, great on anything, i mean anything , it’s spot on full flavour. Got my custom for life

    • Tim Chapman (verified owner)

      Thanks Adam and I agree – it’s my go-to sauce to pep something up.

  19. Paul (verified owner)

    Been buying this hot sauce for years off Tim, and is probably the best actual HOT sauce out there. Fresh, and loads of flavour, and is extremely HOT. I’ll never forget the first time trying it at Chatsworth, I must have bought 5 bottles, then Tim talked me into doing the chilli competition 🌶️ a day never forgotten.

    • Tim Chapman (verified owner)

      Hi Paul – thanks for the kind words! I haven’t forgotten that day either! Hope you are well.

  20. Liv (verified owner)

    Bought this for my Fiancé who loves stupidly hot hot sauces! He has gone through a bottle in less than a week! This will end up being his go-to hot sauce I’m sure, he adores it! Very hot but also delicious (his review, I’m scared of it!). Thank you! 🙂

    • Tim Chapman (verified owner)

      Haha! Thanks, Liv. Glad he liked it!
      Try it next time; the more you do it the better you get – its like riding a bike. Or drinking beer.

  21. J

    I absolutely love hot sauces, but this is by far the best one I’ve ever had. I go through bottles of the stuff. And what a coincidence that it is made locally!

    • Tim Chapman (verified owner)

      Thanks Jessica – we are so glad you like them!

  22. Paul Simmonds (verified owner)

    Lovely in a bacon and egg roll……….and just about everything else really.

    • Tim Chapman (verified owner)

      Ooh, I think that’s my lunch sorted right there! Thanks, Paul!!

  23. Harry

    This hot sauce is the nuts! Met Tim at the Knebworth house Christmas market and just finished the bottle, will be ordering some more soon! Very hot but flavorful at the same time, I’ve used it in curries, to make barbecue sauce & just on its own, a little goes a long way.

    • Tim Chapman (verified owner)

      Thanks, Harry! Yep, you’re right there – you can always add more but you can’t take out what you’ve already put in!

  24. Izzy (verified owner)

    Love this sauce. East coast was recommended by a colleague and I picked some up last year at a food festival in stowmarket. Finally a decent hot sauce with a good flavour, nice consistency too. Great price and delivery. Have had a few bottles now, definitely my favourite!

    • Tim Chapman (verified owner)

      Thanks, Izzy! That really does mean a lot to us!!

  25. Jon (verified owner)

    Quite simply the tastiest chilli sauce I have found. Hot, but not painful, full of flavour – I’m a regular customer!

    • Tim Chapman (verified owner)

      Thanks Jon! Your kind comments are really appreciated!

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