Chilli Sauce triple – 3x 60ml miniature bottles

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Stuck for gift ideas for the chilli sauce lover in your life?

One of the biggest gifting challenges this year (and every year) is that when a lot of adults desire something, and the price is reasonable, then they have probably already bought it for themselves. So the best received gifts are often those that are a total surprise. Sure you could buy something totally wild that the giftee would never have considered in a million years, but sadly that gift is likely to be so far off your giftee’s radar that it won’t hit the right spot, even if they do appear grateful when receiving it.

My recommendation for a great gift is something that is unusual, but universally loved. Boutique and exclusive; a gift that is not easily available via the usual channels. This is where boutique chill sauces are perfect.

What makes the chilli sauces in this triple offer special?

The East Coast Chilli Company handmakes small batch chilli sauces that are a little out of the ordinary, but not too far left of the dial. You’ll not find sauces that will cause profuse sweating, pain and gastric distress! East Coast Chilli Company makes chilli sauces that focus on fantastic taste, and ingredients of the very highest quality.

Each bottle is like a magically taste journey! If these chilli sauces were a car they would be an elegantly customised Porsche 911 – unique, classy and aspirational.  Let’s be clear, these are not ‘cheap’ chilli sauces, but what they are is unique and fascinating. ‘Cheap’ chilli sauces tend to get their kick from vinegar and leave a bad taste in the mouth.

If you buy your friend, colleague or loved one any East Coast Chilli Company product you are buying them something unique and thoughtful. Because these sauces are made in small batches we recommend buying online ASAP, or to put it another way, ‘get ’em while they’re hot’.

Not just a gift!

This year the East Coast Chilli Company have introduced the option of buying any three of smaller bottles for £10.  Our triples are also popular with anyone who fancies trying most of our range without having to buy a collection of our larger bottles.  Go on, treat yourself!

Easy peasy ordering

Using the ‘Triple set choice’ options, choose the sauces you like the sound of, then click the ‘Add to cart’ button that pops up and follow the payment instructions.  We’ll do the rest!


Additional information

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Mango Chilli Sauce – Passion (extra mild) Ingredients – Mango pulp (Mango 90%, sugar 8%, citric acid) (23%), Water, Carrots, Sugar, Onions, Distilled white vinegar, Fresh lime juice and zest, Garlic, Mild red chillies (1.5%), Salt.

Thai-style Chilli Sauce – Habit (mild) Ingredients – Water, Sugar, Distilled white vinegar, Mild red chillies (6.3%), Garlic (3.4%), Modified corn starch, Salt.

Chipotle Chilli Ketchup – Desire (medium) Ingredients – Tomatoes in tomato juice (citric acid) (66%), Sugar, Red wine vinegar (contains SULPHITES), Chipotle Morita chillies (3%), Spanish paprika, Salt.

Garlic and Habanero – Chance (medium) Ingredients – Tomatoes in tomato juice (Citric acid) (46%), Rice vinegar (contains SULPHITES), Water, Garlic (9%), Onions, Sugar, Rapeseed oil, FISH sauce (anchovy extract 77%, salt 20%, sugar 3%), Habanero chillies (1%)

Hot and Fruity – Compulsion (hot) Ingredients – Water, Prunes (preservative: Sorbic acid) (17%), Distilled white vinegar, Tomatoes in tomato juice (citric acid) (11%), Naga chillies (5%), Salt.

Habanero and Lime – Essence (hot) Ingredients – Tomatoes in tomato juice (citric acid) (22%), Distilled white vinegar, Water, Lime juice from Concentrate (preservative – Potassium METABISULPHITE) and zest, Onions, Habanero chillies (6%), Garlic, Extra virgin olive oil, Salt, Black pepper.

Carolina Reaper & Honey Chilli Sauce – Midnight 21 – (hot) Ingredients – Honey (67%), Soy sauce (water, salt, colour E150a, sugar, SOYBEANS 10%, WHEAT) (12%), Rice vinegar (contains SULPHITES), Garlic (8%), Carolina Reaper chillies (1.5%), Rapeseed oil.

Extra Hot Habanero and Naga Sauce – Reason (Extra hot) Ingredients – Distilled white vinegar, Onions, Habanero chillies (11%), Water, Naga chillies (5%), Garlic, Cascabel chillies, Herbs and spices, MUSTARD powder, Salt, Ground white pepper.

5 reviews for Chilli Sauce triple – 3x 60ml miniature bottles

  1. Tina (verified owner)

    Ordered as a gift, these were despatched and received so quickly! I really appreciate it, and I know the chilli sauces chosen will be enjoyed by the recipient. Thank you very much, East Coast Chilli Co!

    • Tim Chapman

      Thanks, Tina! Made our day!

  2. Daniel Harris (verified owner)

    I ordered this formyself and wife to try as i have tried several every now and then when im around town nad fancy a cheeky Hot Dog 😛 i tend to go for the more mild Flavours but wanted to try some with a bit more Kick. I went for Habanero and Lime, Hot and Fruity and the Caroliner Reaper and honey. and its safe to say all 3 have kicked my tastebuds right into gear full off non stop spice and flavour. my favoruite has to be the Habanero and Lime with Caroliner Reaper and honey being maybe just a tad too spicy for me. Great survice too i ordered 10:30pm and arived the next day! i also bought the Large Chilli Sauce gift set too which i have also left a review off. 10/10 would buy again.

    • Tim Chapman

      Thanks, Daniel – made our day when we saw this!

  3. Georgina (verified owner)

    Bought as a gift for my Dad for father’s day who has requested for some sauce from ECCC.
    The products have safetly arrived and wrapped in polystyrene and bubble wrap.
    Thank you so much for the safe delievery.

    • Tim Chapman

      Thank you, Georgina. I’m glad they got there safely.

  4. Chloe smith (verified owner)

    Came quick, love that it says food to use with! Bought as a gift but am wanting to keep it for myself now!

    • Tim Chapman

      Thanks Chloe!

  5. Karen (verified owner)

    Great product, excellent delivery service.

    • Tim Chapman

      Thanks, Karen – that’s very kind of you.

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