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Chilli Sauce Recipes – TOP FIVE

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Chilli Sauce Recipes are not always difficult to make!

Chilli sauce is a bit of a polarising institution and there’s a lot of mystery around some Chilli Sauce Recipes. There are those that tremble in fear at the mere thought of any food registering on the scoville scale whilst others revel in the potential of a gateway to hell opening up on their tastebuds. We at the East Coast Chilli Company are certainly enthusiastic about chilli and its potential use in…basically everything.

We ultimately believe that the most important reason for adding a lashing of chilli sauce is simple: taste. That is why we have scoured the internet to bring you these 5 simple recipes to create our most beloved of sauces and turn flavours (and temperatures) up to 11. Keep that glass of milk on standby…here we go.

Peri Peri Sauce
By Chili Pepper Madness blog
Although popularised by everyone’s favourite modern day ‘Portuguese’ (…it’s actually Australian) chicken restaurant Nando’s, the traditional African sauce originates from the 15th century. Made from Birds Eye peppers this simple recipe that doesn’t actually require any cooking, just throw it all into a blender and you are done! Ideal for marinating and dipping, it actually works really well with seafood as well as chicken.
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Peri Peri Chilli Sauce
Photo courtesy of Chili Pepper Madness blog

Sinus Aid Hot Sauce
As the name would suggest this sauce is intended to stimulate all the senses via fiery damnation. Boil the peppers up and blend with the other ingredients, add salt to taste and you are done. This isn’t the hottest sauce in the entire world but it is up there so prepare for some serious eye watering if you are not a chilli connoisseur. PS – considering that the creator had alleviating a blocked nose in mind when he created this sauce it might be an idea to some tissue handy…trust us, it works!
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Red Chilli Sauce
Conjured up by Hari Ghotra
The colour red brings with it connotations of danger so be warned…the hue of this sauce isn’t purely aesthetic. A blend of roasted habaneros, red birds eye chillies and garlic oven roasted, fried and then blended together it is utterly delicious but extremely hot. Birds eye chillies are small size but big in heat so watch out, this seriously packs a punch.

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Bajan Pepper Sauce
From Eat Like a Girl
This yellow sauce is essentially made up of scotch bonnet peppers, onions and vinegar. It is coloured yellow with a generous dashing of fresh turmeric (famed for its health benefits as well as great taste) and balanced with a little pinch of brown sugar. This particular variety is an old family recipe – I love the thought of generations of chilli lovers sharing in the euphoria of a delicious chilli sauce.
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bajan-pepper-sauce recipe
Photo courtesy of Niamh at Eat Like a Girl blog



Found at Cookie and Kate
An interesting Middle Eastern recipe (and name) for spicy jalapeño sauce. It goes great with hummus and nachos but can be added to any Middle Eastern or Mediterranean dishes that need a little spicy helping hand to reach the correct levels of deliciousness. This recipe’s walnuts give the sauce a pesto like consistency and unlike the others on this list it is green in colour. Don’t let that fool you though, it still brings the heat. Utterly delicious and daringly different, give it a try!
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jalapeno chilli shatta recipe
Photo courtesy of Cookie and Kate