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Hot Sauce – perfect for winter

habanero and naga sauce

habanero and naga sauceYour nose is running anyway, right? Your throat’s on fire. Your head feels about to explode .

May as well add some extra chillies to this pasta dish then. I’ll go for some 7 Pot. Or perhaps a dark naga. Just a half should do, finely chopped.

If you’re into hot sauces then you already know the score: Capsaicin – the chemical compound that makes chillies hot.

It commonly produces feelings of pleasure, perhaps even euphoria. And if you’re on that New Year’s diet, there’s evidence that it may also lead to decreases in weight regain.

If “I don’t like hot sauce” sounds like you then now could be the perfect time to take your initiation, with our most fiery sauce: Reason…


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