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Is there such a thing as Chilli Saucemaker’s Block?

Been thinking of – and talking about – creating a new sauce for a while now so finally got round to it yesterday.


Just a question of working out whether it should be mild, medium, hot or extra hot.  What base for the sauce? What kind of chillies to use? What additional ingredients would work well? What type of vinegar? Ensure I can source all ingredients year round. Steer clear of artificial ingredients, no additives and make sure it’s gluten free.

Horseradish? Blueberries? Pasilla Chillies? Ancho Grande? Habaneros?  Nagas? Parsnips? Pears? Apricots? Peaches? The list is endless.

I’ve now got 7 different versions sat in jars but – and I’m a harsh critic – none are up to standard.

I know one thing though: my mouth is on fire and I’m not looking forward to a few hours time…

Any ideas anyone?

2 thoughts on “Is there such a thing as Chilli Saucemaker’s Block?

  1. Could you make a satay sauce please? I am rubbish at them and the shop bought ones make me sad inside :(. I suspect it’s not possible because of peanut allergies but a mega hot satay sauce would be awesome.

  2. An extra hot BBQ sauce or a Caribbean inspired chilli sauce would be amazing.

    PS I love your habanero and lime. I have at least 5 chilli sauces in my fridge and I haven’t touched any of them since buying yours!

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