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Another Great Taste Award!

Extra Hot Habanero and Naga chilli Sauce

Hey, we did it again!
Hot on the heels of last year’s award for our fantastic Habanero and Lime sauce, Essence, this year we won a gold star for our hottest sauce yet, our Extra Hot Habanero & Naga sauce, Reason.
This year’s award is doubly pleasing in that it goes some way to prove what we’ve been saying about our sauces all along; they’re made for the taste, not just the heat!

Here’s what the judges had to say about it:
“This sauce is not for the faint hearted. The Judges who enjoy heat really enjoyed this sauce. It has a great smokiness from the Habanero chilli and a bit of acidity on the palate before the heat kicks in. We felt the sauce was very well balanced. Table 2: We agree with table 3 in terms of “not for the faint hearted” – it really packs a punch but the unique flavours of each chilli really do sing, the slight sourness and acidity work well and are well balanced.”

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Our Habanero and Lime sauce is now OFFICIALLY award-winning!

Chilli Sauce great taste award

Chilli Sauce great taste awardWe’ve just had some brilliant news – our ‘Essence’ (Habanero and Lime) chilli sauce has won an award! It’s not just any old award either, we’re extremely honoured to have won a GREAT TASTE award by the Guild of Fine Food! You’ll recognise the Great Taste logo, it is seen on foods that have been deemed to be exceptional within their category. Considering we only started making our chilli sauces last year we’re understandably excited to have reached this level of recognition so swiftly.

Over 400 judges tried our Essence Sauce alongside many of our peers and awarded us a star! This is a national award that takes several months to judge and producers enter around 10,000 products, only a handful are awarded stars.

We promise to keep our feet on the ground though; we’re not the sort of people to let success go to our heads. In fact I’ve got to get back to the kitchen and crack on with the next batch of sauces!

Find out why the judges loved our chilli sauce…