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Made for the Taste

“What’s the hottest one you’ve got?” When we’re selling direct to the public with tasters available, that’s a question we get asked a lot!  My usual response is “Well, that’d be our Habanero and Naga Sauce but none of them are crazy hot; they’re all made for the taste rather than the pain factor.  There’s […]

Another Great Taste Award!

Hey, we did it again! Hot on the heels of last year’s award for our fantastic Habanero and Lime sauce, Essence, this year we won a gold star for our hottest sauce yet, our Extra Hot Habanero & Naga sauce, Reason. This year’s award is doubly pleasing in that it goes some way to prove […]

Summer 2015 – a review

Flew by, didn’t it! May: 3-4th.  We kicked off May with the Ely Food & Drink Festival with the lovely backdrop of Ely Cathedral and a chance to catch up with traders not seen since Christmas and wish them all a belated happy new year.  The first time we’d done this event and the first […]

Free mango chilli sauce!

We call our Mango Chilli Sauce ‘Passion’ for a reason – people really love it! We’re so sure you’ll love the fresh, zesty sweet heat of this mild sauce that we decided we wanted as many people as possible to experience it.  So to celebrate summer, great food and fun times we’re giving away a […]

November to December 2014, part 2 of 2.

Ipswich Christmas Market Friday 21-Sunday 23 November. New lights!! I bought new lights!! We had to beg and borrow some last year (after 6 hours I was still waiting for the festoon lights I’d bought to “warm up”!) so after a lot of research (with telephone conversations usually taking the form of, me: “Are you sure […]

November to December 2014 – part 1 of 2

We just didn’t stop!  It all went by in a bit of a blur though and here I sit in January wondering where the last two months of 2014 went.   Most of it was spent cooking but that’s just day to day stuff you’re probably not interested in.  I’ll take you through my thoughts (and […]

How did the Ghost Chilli get its name?

Ever wondered this?  I did.  What’s the difference between a naga chilli, a bhut jolokia chilli and ghost pepper?  Indeed is there a difference?  Sure, it’s no longer the world’s hottest chilli but it set the standard the others now follow and for many it’s still the go-to chilli if you’re after real heat. So […]

Our Habanero and Lime sauce is now OFFICIALLY award-winning!

We’ve just had some brilliant news – our ‘Essence’ (Habanero and Lime) chilli sauce has won an award! It’s not just any old award either, we’re extremely honoured to have won a GREAT TASTE award by the Guild of Fine Food! You’ll recognise the Great Taste logo, it is seen on foods that have been […]

10 top tips to tell how hot a chilli sauce is.

10 Top Tips to Tell How Hot a Chilli Sauce is So you’re at a market, in the food hall at a country show, at a food festival or perhaps at a specific chillifest and you find yourself in front of someone selling chilli sauces. You want to try some of the samples on offer […]

New, Improved Hot Chilli Sauce!

New, Improved Hot Chilli Sauce! Also titled: When Things That Go Wrong Go Right… So I’m cooking away, mind drifting up in the clouds and I think, “What if I tried this?” And then I thought, “It’d be a whole lot easier to do this too.” So I did. It didn’t make much difference. Then […]

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